Fan doesn’t turn off in Sleep Mode

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I have two Dell computers at home. Every time I put them to sleep mode, the fans turn off except for the other one, a Dell OptiPlex GX200 with a Phoenix ver. A05 BIOS. 

I’ve tried searching the net about this odd behavior on my computer, and finally came up with information related to this matter. In the article that I found, it says my computer needs an ACPI enabled system which is set to S3, for the fans to be disabled during sleep mode. I’ve checked the BIOS setup and wasn’t able to find anything about ACPI, S3 or power management. 

I’m asking everyone to help me in this problem of mine.

Help is deeply appreciated.

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Fan doesn’t turn off in Sleep Mode


Hi Hannah,

I think that the processor is overheating that is why it needs to run. Just cool it down to normal temperature. In fact it is still running in sleep mode i suggest you to fix it by  a can of pressurized air and give it a blow out from all the dusts.

You may also look at your BIOS and see the power state or sleep standby mode. Just make sure that it will say S3 and not s1. This will make your CPU cool and it will leave it on.

If the BIOS of your computer does not support S3 you need to check  your  manufacturer's site for your  BIOS update. The reason nothing shuts off is because of S1.

It does not power off the CPU that is why it can't safely turn the fans off.

I hope it helps.


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