Failed to save my work in Google docs

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Hi folks, I have a scenario here about Google Docs, the work that I have just completed will not be saved, for the reason that it cannot connect to the server, I pasted below the full text of the error message.

Sorry, a network error has prevented Google Docs from saving your changes.

Google Docs


Sorry, a network error has prevented Google Docs

from saving your changes. Please try again. If the

problem persists, please stop working until you

are able to re-establish a network connection, as

your unsaved changes may be lost. Please also

try the troubleshooting steps in the help article



When I analyzed the error message above, it is giving an emphasis to my connection, when I checked on my connection, I have an UP with a good speed internet connection, that is why I am now thinking what went wrong, please help me solved this persistent error that I encountered, thanks a lot in advance and more power.

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Failed to save my work in Google docs


Yep I too faced the same problem last year, it's really frustrating it gets stuck and not able to save the document. I have searched for support in different forums. According to the Google docs support forum they said that its a network problem after re-establishing the internet the problem could be solved, but the problem still existed.

After long research that I have read a post somewhere to use https instead of http for Google docs. This also has not worked for me.

At last in the meanwhile I have backed up the document and pasted it in the Openoffice word document. And refreshed page then it worked for me.

If refreshing the page won't work for you. Then go for traditional troubleshooting steps which are given in the Google support forum given below.

Dean Jones

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