Failed to read from sector 976.773.167 of hard disk

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Hi there,

I have this error message when I want to make a Backup with True Image 2013 by Acronis. This error appears to all my partitions. It says all the time that the data cannot be read. All my partitions work and can anyone help me to make a Backup ? Why I have this kind of error ?

Thanks !

Failed to read data from the disk. Failed to read from sector ‘976.773.167’ of hard disk ‘3’. Try to repeat the operation. If the error persists, check the disk using Check Disk Utility and create a backup of the disk. Failed to read the snapshot manager drive. (0×1000D7) Unknown status (0×9).

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Failed to read from sector 976.773.167 of hard disk


Normally, if your hard drive has a sector that can’t be read, there is a serious problem with it physically. There are also instances where a particular sector can’t be read at times and sometimes it can be accessed. This is a sign or these are signs of an imminent hardware failure. But it doesn’t mean that your entire hard drive is already damaged.

The affected area in the hard drive is only that sector that can’t be read. Damaged sectors on the hard drive are normally patched using a disk utility so that it won’t be used by any programs again or no data will ever use that sector again. When the computer is writing data on the hard drive when you are saving a file or copying a file, the computer doesn’t check for any damaged sectors.

It just follows whatever you want it to do. If the data your computer is copying is copied on a broken sector, that data can’t be recovered and your file can be damaged. So to fix it, run a disk utility application and check your hard drive for errors. When damaged sectors are found, it will be marked as bad sectors and will never be used again.

Before, when I was still a student, the easiest way to fix a disk is to use NDD or Norton Disk Utility and this is still during the days of DOS. But since it is already obsolete and very old, no one is using it anymore. To check and fix your hard drive, download and install PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.1.0.

Remember, a broken sector can’t be accessed or read by the computer but data can be written to it. That’s odd isn’t it?

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