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I want to know about external power supply for iPad. I made a research about it but I can’t find any reviews. I want to know if someone here has tried using it. I am looking for something that would last and usable for a long time.  Any advices will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Joshua,

External power supply for iPad are so many you will just need to choose what meets your specifications. There are waterproof external power supplies they are highly efficient as well as reliable. There are even backups which can help in case you run out of power.

Another option is the 6 in 1 Rechargeable External Backup which is very easy to use you simply need to plug it in and play. It is able to provide a long time power supply especially when you are travelling. It is also very light therefore easy to carry around weighing just 210 grams. It can be used for a long time, and it is reliable.