External hard drive error -36

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I got a Lacie 250 GB external hard drive (with two partitions). But I think, I disconnected it from my iBook without ejecting the drives first. After doing so, I can't copy files into any of the two partitions anymore. When I tried to do so, I got this error message:

"the finder could not complete the operation because some data in X could not be read or written. (error code -36)"

There's no problem with the file, as I can copy it to the other partition on the same external hard drive. So, I used disk utility (OS x 10.4.11) and repaired both drives. Disk utility did its thing and repaired the partition which had a problem. But, I'm still getting an error -36.

Can anyone suggest something else to try?

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External hard drive error -36


Try these steps to remove that error.

RIGHT CLICK the drive that you are copying to, select get info, click privileges, find read/write, then, click the little padlock in the right corner of that info box at the bottom, and then add your password. Make sure you have read/write added or write permission. Otherwise, you will be unable to remove this error.

Hope you find this method helpful.

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External hard drive error -36



Just follow these steps:

  • Start in single user mode.
  • Type this command, followed by return: mount -uw /
  • Now Type this command cd /library/prefrences/SystemConfiguration
  • Now type this line defualts write /library/prefrences/systemconfiguration/autodiskmount -bool true
  • Type this sh /etc/rc
  • Wait it to complete
  • Now type this find / -flags schg -exec chflags noschg {} ;
  • Once this is done type this rm /library/prefrences/systemconfiguration/automount.plist
  • Finally type this reboot

I hope you find the solution


Peter franklin

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External hard drive error -36


Dear Evolance,

Error code 36 is I/O error occurs when your ports or cables are gone bad.

Please remember all hard drives may not be recovered from malfunction.

Please try following –

1. Before you remove the hard drive make sure you try using different ports on your laptop or change the USB cables.

2. Ensure recovery of data has been taken by you.

3. Replace the hard drive.

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External hard drive error -36

Hi Evolance,
I definitely back up my external drive first, it seems that this is partially damaged.
For this I will suggest any backup utility (I'll go with SuperDuper)
Please backup all your files prior to this steps.
This is a problem related to the dot-underscore hidden files created on your iMac. In order to fix this please do the following:
  1. Open a Terminal (from Application=>Utilities) and type "dot_clean" (without quotes)
  2. Select a folder from your external drive (please make sure you already backed up this) click drag and drop it on the Terminal window.
(you will see now: dot_clean /your/path/to/external/folder)
  1. Now press Enter (nothing visible will happen)
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 again for other folders
  3. This should fix your problem.
Good luck,

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