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Is anyone having the same problem? I'm trying to export a video in OSX Lion to either 480, 720 or 1080 but it only exports the audio file. After the export the file is in .mov format but when I play it, the file shows nothing, only an audio is played. Before I have a Lion update, I can export videos just fine. How can I resolve this issue?

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You should uninstall your previous application form your handset and then download QuickTime in OSX Lion again in your handset. You should download QuickTime in OSX Lion from a trust source for get an original file to access it without any problem. After download QuickTime in OSX Lion, open that application and then update your playlist for get total song or video list in your current QuickTime in OSX Lion application. Then try to run video file. I hope you won’t get any error to play it. If you show error again then you should check your video file format in any computer and you should compress it.