How can I preload the dash in OSx?

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Can you please tell me how to boot up with the dash hidden? Okay, so I'm new to Mac and this is probably a simple inquiry. So far, I've figured out how to set something to automatically run and how to make it invisible in sys prefs -> consideration -> Sign in products.

My issue is that this doesn't work with the dash. I've found the, chosen it, and checked the invisible box; but it still shows up. Of course, I don't have to run it automatically, like Skype, but it requires a lot of energy and effort to do this after start up. So, I would like to preload it at start-up.

My concern is that if I cannot begin it as invisible, how can I preload it to get the same effect?  I’d like to thank you in advance. It will be great to receive your support.

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How can I preload the dash in OSx?



All you need is to start the services that the OS provides at start up. The services that have to be started at startup are found in the Services directory of the OS. this services are to be started and can be configured to be run at the startup. All the services except some can be very well started at startup and some can be made to be started on request. This essential functionality can be utilized in the system as a software tracer. The best way is to use a terminal by which you create an executable that runs the software.

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