Error while loading a strong script file in GIMP software

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I am receiving an error message while loading a strong script file in my GIMP software.

I am using Windows xp service pack 3 operating system in my computer. I can’t work on that software properly.

Has anyone experienced the following error in GIMP?

Please your kind suggestion is required-

Refresh Scripts Message
Error while loading  /home/O/.gimp-2.6/scripts/
Error: unmatched parentheses:  1

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Error while loading a strong script file in GIMP software


I’m not sure if that dialog box in your image belongs to Windows XP. It looks a lot more different than Windows XP’s usual dialog box.

Maybe you have downloaded and installed a different version of GIMP that is not intended to be installed on a Windows XP operating system. Check first the version of GIMP that you are using to verify its compatibility with your Windows platform. If it is indeed the right version of the program for your computer, try doing another clean installation of the application to help you remove any corrupted files in the installation. Uninstall GIMP from your computer then restart your machine. After booting your system, check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. After doing this, install GIMP again and do a test if it works.

If the application still generates an error, download again its installer. I think you are using an older version of GIMP on your machine. Try installing the latest version, GIMP 2.8.0. This version of GIMP only supports Windows XP Service Pack 3 and later versions. Visit to download this version.

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