Error seen while installing FX live updater using Order2Go.msm

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Hello guys,

I have been using Order2Go.msm, which is a COM based API for the development of client-side windows-based application for the installation of FX live update. Unfortunately, while doing so, I get the following error on my screen:

FX Live Update:

Failed to load library ''C:ARCHIV`1FXORDE`1fxcore.dll''. Error code: 127

Does anybody have any idea about what this error 127 stands for? Why does it fail to load the library?

Any suggestions in this regard will be highly praised.

Kind regards.

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Error seen while installing FX live updater using Order2Go.msm


If this is the first time this happened with your application, try restarting your computer then try it again. Maybe the system encountered a glitch while processing the request that caused the error and made the loading of the library file to fail. You should also check the program’s installation folder and verify that the library file, fxcore.dll, is present and not missing from its supposed original location. See the image you posted for the location of the fxcore.dll file where the file is expected to be found. Check also if the file is moved to a different folder and then copy it back to its original location.

You may also try doing a clean installation of the program to restore it to its default configuration and fix any missing or corrupted files. Uninstall your program then restart your computer. After booting, check your machine for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install the program again then see if you are now able to use it.

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Error seen while installing FX live updater using Order2Go.msm


Hello Gerardo,

The first possible cause of the error that you are getting when installing the FX live updater is compatibility issues, and therefore you will need to check your system specs and ensure that the setup is compatible with the operating system that you're using on your computer.

Otherwise, try the following workarounds:

  • Just try restarting your computer and then retry the installation again.
  • If you have access to the internet, get another setup and then use it for installation. First you will need check to ensure that the setup meets your system requirements.

Hope this helps.



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