Unable to delete Windows Old Folder

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Hi All,

Good day! The error displays in the screen every time I’d delete the old folder WINDOWS because I have 2 XP OS in one PC which is dual boot now I decide to used WINDOWS1. WINDOWS folder has penetrated an extreme virus that’s why I need to delete it before affecting the other folders.

I need to do this to preserve the important documents because I don’t have extra money to buy new storage.

Please help me with deleting this WINDOWS folder. Thanks in advance Techyv.

Error display:

Error Moving File or Folder

Cannot move CIMG0306: It is being used by another person or program.

Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.


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Unable to delete Windows Old Folder


It might  be possible that you’re getting the error message because the file that you’re trying to delete is locked because it’s still used by Windows or another program running in your computer. You can try the steps below:

1.       Try to restart your computer.

2.       If after restarting it, you’re still not able to delete the file, you may need to  reboot into Safe Mode.

3.       Restart again and then when the computer starts the reboot sequence, press the F8 key.

4.       Click on Safe Mode from the Menu.

5.       Log in if you have protected your computer with a password.

6.       It will continue booting and let me remind you that the desktop will look different. So don’t panic.

7.       So, pull up the folder that you need to delete.

8.       When you’re done, log out and reboot back into Normal Mode.

Good luck! I hope this helps.

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Unable to delete Windows Old Folder


You can't remove the system files because these files are currently being used by window. Now what you can do is if you know some programming then you need to run CMD and then you will be able to remove these files. Or you can simply run in CMD mode in window and then you can remove these files. The other way is to make a format of your previous window and then reinstall the new window it is the best way to solve your problem. After you have a full format on your drive you can install new window. I think you can not install two windows on the same drive and your window is in another folder. So you can remove these files from that folder or form that drive.

Also i want to say that what window you are using now have you installed another window or you have installed the same window on the same drive. These all are complicated question that you need to solve. Once you have a good look on your drives and windows you will be able to detected your problem and to solve it.

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