Error message when try to defragmenting 1tb drive using My Defrag

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I get an error message when I try to defragmenting a 1tb drive using My Defrag. At the end of the stage JK Defrag crashes and shuts down with the following error message. Have any idea to resolve this error? Any assistance would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

MyDefrag.exe – Fatal Application Exit

MyDefrag.exe – Fatal Application Exit

Oeps! Memory full while running MyDefug in function

‘CreatItemPaths’ in source ‘.Items.cpp’ on line 133.


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Error message when try to defragmenting 1tb drive using My Defrag

Hi there David J Nelson,
This error usually occurs when you are using the SlowOptimize Script. To avoid the problem you can either upgrade your hardware adding it some extra memory, or tweaking the Mydefrag a bit.
Before running the script try to kill all the processes that could slow your computer down, such as updates, messengers, image viewers and the rest of hanging processes you don't need at that moment. You can easily do that via your task Manager in the Processes tab.
If that doesn't help, try changing the settings of the MyDefrag. Set the LowMemoryUsage to yes and try again.
In case the program still crashes, your computer just can't handle the requests and you'll have to use the FastOptimize script instead of the slow one.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian


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