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Hi! Recently, when I was trying to load or open Spyware Blaster®, I am getting the following error message:

"This program has been damaged, possibly by a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it."

I tried reinstalling to no success. Need your help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Romasfleeman!

Try to scan your computer. You can use any anti-virus software. But I recommend using Malwarebytes.

2. Install it, then press finish. Open Malwarebytes after installation.
3. Once the program is loaded, select perform quick scan.
4. When the scan is done, click Ok then Show results. Check everything in the list. and click Remove Selected.
5. Malwarebytes may prompt you to restart your computer.
6. Try to reinstall Spyware Blaster.
If you have CA Anti-Spyware 2007 installed, remove it as there are known issues about the two programs conflicting.
1. Go to Start and choose Control Panel
2. Click Programs and Features.
3. Choose CA Anti-Spyware 2007 and click Uninstall.
4. Reboot your computer.
5. Try to install Spyware Blaster.
Note: Make sure that you download the latest Spyware Blaster version here
Don't forget to update your anti-virus database.