Error message in Media Pool Software

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Hi all

I am trying to test an additional choice, RW Cutting.

I created a system as well as then changed the options quite a few times.

Then it showed mediapool error messages and it is very regular.

And afterward I decided to make a new system in place of modifying old system. But it is also giving me the mediapool error message. It is irregular. I need to solve it. Please give a solution.

Thanks a lot.

New Controller System

Enter Drive Key
There was an error while trying to copy files. One or more of the
following could have happened:
 – The RobotWare version of the system (or RobotWare files) has been
removed from the Media Pool.
 – The media pool used when creating the system has been moved or

I tried lots of thing, but I was not able to solve this trouble. I uninstall as well as reinstall the 5.14.02 but it isn’t working. Now I can't make any new system, Please help quickly.

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Error message in Media Pool Software


Hello Carol,

When entering the keys, you will have to ensure that each key that you enter is corresponding to the right drive module. The error you are getting seems to be occurring as a result of mixing up the keys between the modules in your system. I will suggest the following workarounds:

  • Make sure that drive modules starting from Drive #1 have been configured properly. Mixing them up, or perhaps misspelling them will cause that problem.
  • In the event that you removed a version of the system from your computer,  that may be the cause of the issue and therefore you will need to undo the changes you might have made.
  • If you moved the Media pool to a different folder or deleted it altogether, you will need to retrieve it.




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