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I have downloaded Avira Internet Security 2012 to keep my system safe. Recently, I started the program and click Start Update but I received the following error message. I have attempted to solve this problem by uninstallation/reinstallation but the error still remained. I need a suggestion to resolve this weird error.

Thanks for any assistance.

Error: Status: An error occurred during the file download.

Time elapsed: 00:07min

Transmitted: 0kbytes Time

Remaining: 00:00 min

Remaining: 0 Kbytes

Download speed: 0.0Kb/sec 

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Hello Freddie

I am familiar with this error from the Avira Updater, and I might also know how to fix it.

Start Avira Control Center, go to Extras-> Configuration and activate the Expert Mode . Click on Pc Protection -> Web Server -> Proxy Settings. Here, click on the option that says No Proxy Server. Click OK to apply this configuration.

Check that your firewall, or other softwares, are not blocking the Avira update process. Open Control Panel, go to System and Security, and click on Windows Firewall. You could Turn your Firewall off, while Avira Updater runs. Just to be sure it is not a problem.

Go to Avira Control Center-> Extras-> Configuration and activate the Expert Mode. Next to Update click on the +. Click Web Server and select the option that says Use existing connection. Click OK to apply.

Right-Click on the desktop, and select New Shortcut. In the location box, type

C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe" /DM="0" /NOMESSAGEBOX /RECEIVETIMEOUT=120 if you are running Windows on 64bit

C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe" /DM="0" /NOMESSAGEBOX /RECEIVETIMEOUT=120 if you are running 32bit Windows.

Click next, and name the shortcut Avira Updater. Run it, and the error should not appear anymore.

I hope this information will be useful to you.