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I created a website using Frontpage 2000 and Windows XP. My client, who uses Windows 98 and also has Frontpage 2000, cannot access the website, claiming that it gets an error that says the website is not Frontpage enabled. I have already checked and confirmed that the site is Frontpage enabled. What else is wrong? Please help me fix this issue. Thank you.

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James Cardigan


First of all please do confirm that you (from your system) are able to access the website or not?

Sometimes this error occurs due to the reason that you have excluded the www somewhere, probably when you were trying to publish the site you left out the www in the location, OR the www is written in upper case. (This should not be an issue, but sometimes the upper case WWW at the time of publishing can create this error), or you may have a form configured to go to for example instead of

If you have really checked the above, and NO such issues are present then the only reason left is that the domain where the site is published is NOT FrontPage enabled.

You can check and enable the webbots where you are registered or the site needs to be published, by performing the steps available in the documents present on:


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First thing you must do just simply check or scan the FrontPage if there is an files that been corrupted from the system or maybe there an infected application from viruses or maybe spyware to your machine so just simply check on that if it’s possible and then try to download the error repair tools to your PC and then after your download the application you just simply try to install that to your machine then after you install the software you just simply restart your machine if it’s possible and then after the installation is finish you just simply scan the system or the application to be sure and then after scanning the system and the application you just simply repair the found errors to your machine just simply try on that if it’s possible.