An error has occurred during downloading

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I was downloading an update of software when I received the following error with the message:

An error has occurred during downloading


Error: An error has occurred during downloading. More information about this error and solutions may be available online in the Acronis Knowledge Base.

To access the online resource manually, enter the event code at: Event code: 0x01410002+0x00040014+0x0000FFF0+0x80070020


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An error has occurred during downloading


Dear Evelyndnell, I have read your problem.


It seems that you have set your software to download updates automatically for you. You are facing this problem because your temporary download folder for updates of Acronis software is blocked by your antivirus software. At software start a folder is created within Temp folder by the name of “AcronisUpdates” and auto update downloaded files are stored in that folder for later use, temporarily, but due to some reason your antivirus software is considering this as a threat.


Simplest solution to this problem is to add “%TMP%AcronisUpdates” folder to exceptions, so that your antivirus will not consider this a threat. Now you will have to reboot your machine to delete incomplete downloaded files in Temp folder. After reboot, you can check for update again. If you do not wish to reboot, simply download and install latest updates manually.


Hope his will be of help.

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An error has occurred during downloading


This is a typical problem where the culprit is your own security program, your antivirus. Because of its real-time monitoring function, it monitors all files and folders’ activities and sometimes it may lock-in at a specific folder if you are working on it. This problem can happen if you are using Acronis True Image Home 2012 and you are updating the program.

The error is thrown because Acronis needs to download the update files on the “%TMP%AcronisUpdates” folder, which is actually located in “C:Documents and Settings[username]Local SettingsTemp”, and the antivirus has locked into it preventing any access to the folder. The solution is simple. You simply need to include the path “C:Documents and Settings[username]Local SettingsTemp” in your antivirus’ exclusions setting so it will be excluded from getting scanned and monitored.

This way, the antivirus will remove its focus on the folder and Acronis will be able to use the folder again for downloading and installing the update files. If you are using ESET Smart Security, here’s how to exclude that folder. Click on the ESET Smart Security icon on the system tray and select “Advanced setup”.

Expand Computer, “Antivirus and antispyware”, and then select Exclusions.

Click Add then navigate to the path “C:Documents and Settings[username]Local SettingsTemp” and then click OK all throughout. After this, start Acronis and try updating it again. You should be able to download and install the update this time.

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An error has occurred during downloading



A hard disk drive used as the Acronis Nonstop Backup data storage is unavailable in your system. To get more information visit this Techyv link : Acronis Nonstop Backup session error

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