Error Goblin file contains a virus and cannot be opened

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Hi there,

My antivirus is updated and after I scan no virus was found. This Error Goblin tells me that I might I have a virus. Does anyone have any idea about this Error Code: 0xe2 ? What could cause this error and why my antivirus didn’t find any virus ?

Thank you !

Error Goblin

Look up any Windows error code to find out what it actually means.

We also have an offline and portable version for Windows available for download.

Error Code: 0xe2

Description: This file contains a virus and cannot be opened. Due to the nature of this virus, the file has been removed from this location.

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Error Goblin file contains a virus and cannot be opened


Error Goblin is a now defunct custom search engine for looking up Windows error codes. One feature of Error Goblin was to display a "Error of the day", in this case it is 0xe2. The error code 0xe2 actually means a manually created Blue Screen of Death and has nothing to do with a virus. What happened was that the Goblin Error service was hacked and its error descriptions replaced with viruses. You are being warned that the server can't display the description because it contains a virus.

Uninstall any Goblin Error programs you might have on your computer as they no longer work, except the offline version.

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