Error 1135 shows when running a program in Emulator

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Hi all,

When I am running the program in Emulator stuck up with an error. I made some trail methods by reconnecting and re-configuring it. But nothing helped me to get rid of this error. Is there any limitation in setting up the breakpoints? Don’t have much knowledge in this. Whether we can use adapter? Struggling hard friends, help please.

Words in the Error Image

Critical Error

ERROR : C28xx: Error: (Error 1135 @ 0x3ED18E) The emulator reported an error. Confirm emulator configuration and connections, reset the emulator, and retry the operation. (Emulation package

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Error 1135 shows when running a program in Emulator


It’s so unfortunate that you didn’t include the name of the emulator so we can assess what kind of emulator it is. There are actually different emulators being used on the computer and I too use several. I have an emulator for PSX games or the games for PlayStation 1 and an emulator for Android Smartphone games.

The efficiency or workability of an emulator really depends on your computer both hardware and software. First, before you use an emulator, it needs to be compatible with your operating system. Next, because it is an emulator, it needs hardware support to successfully emulate the environment of the device it is imitating.

And sometimes because it imitates a particular device, it requires a little bit higher hardware requirements especially the amount of physical RAM and the kind of graphics adapter you are using. Most of the time it is favorable if you have a video card with slightly higher video RAM to handle the load of video processing.

So, in your case, you need to check first if the emulator you have supports your operating system or not. If not, shift to an emulator that works on your operating system. Once you have a working emulator, the next thing to check is the hardware it supports because it is more likely that you will have a problem in the video card and the RAM.

Also, make sure to check the other requirements of the emulator because most emulators don’t run if a module is missing.

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