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Hi, I tried to download and install Mafia game. It worked for 2 days then all of the sudden the screen goes black and an error message ""Init Error 4205 Generic.." comes up. My other games doesn't have this error. I already updated the patch for this game from the official website and tried to reinstall it but the same result. I am running windows XP 32bit. Am I missing something? Or is it a problem with my computer?

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  • Do you meet the required specs of the game? Do you have a higher memory than the required minimum? Do you have a higher Video Card than the required minimum? these are some question that would help you trace your problem
  • But lets try to resolve your problems through this method. Try changing all the game setting into minimum or lowest setting. Download the latest patch for Mafia. Also, update your directX. when none of these work try reinstalling the game and set all the game setting into minimum settings.

hope this helps.

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First of all, you have to make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements asked by the game in order to make run smoothly.  

Go the main website of the game and look for the minimum system requirements for the game. I also use this site, to check if my computer can run the game. It uses java to check your system information. Also, you have to make sure that your video card has the latest driver installed.

For Nvidia, visit and for ATI, visit

Never forget to update your DirectX if you want to play the latest games.

Problems are often caused by not updating DirectX. To get the latest the latest DirectX, you can visit: or you can download an offline installer from,

After you have all of these accomplished, try reinstalling the game and maybe this will make the game run properly.

I hope this is very helpful for you.

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Error code 4205 when installing mafia to fix this problem you have to go to Run the CD directly from your CD – ROM drive. Not the icon. Then select setup. Then in the setup properties, as a replacement for of auto discover, choose the declaration your screen is set at, mine was 1440x900, and then change the refresh rate from defaulting to whatever your screens refresh rate is. Mine was 60 Hz. See the error is a generic error which means it cannot identify your hardware configurations so you have to choose them by hand. Individual’s two changes are all that is essential. Hope this helps.