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Hello everyone. I encountered this error “ Error 623; The system could not find the phone book entry for this connection.”. This error changes my internet connection from "Never Dial a Connection" to "Always Dial My Default Connection." Now, I tried running the Software Error Doctor and it tells me that I have about 59 errors on my system. And in order to get rid of the errors, I have to purchase first the software. I become suspicious of it since I only knew of one error in my computer and that is the error I mentioned above (Error 623. I want to fix the error but can Software Error Doctor do that? Did anyone come across a similar problem as I have now? I would very much appreciate your response.

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The errors are not so problematic. the system is that if such an error occurs, then all the software that help you dial the collection, like a modem software or a Bluetooth dial connection has to be uninstalled. If this is done then you insert the disk of Windows XP or the version of OS you are using and then from there you shall get to Install additional components. There you shall check the additional components required for your internet connectivity.  After this installation, you install all other essential software that was installed previously. Now you are out of the problem. If none, then you can repair your OS installation.