Error 25090 when opening Microsoft office

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Here is the problem. I tried to install Microsoft Office 2003 in my Windows XP computer. There was no error message when I tried to install it, but when I ran the program, a pop up message saying "Error 25090" appeared.

I tried to search it on the internet but nothing works. Tried re-installing it and also upgrade my Service Pack from 2 to Service Pack 3.

Is this an issue with Office 2003 and XP? It works in my laptop running Windows Vista.

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Error 25090 when opening Microsoft office

Your mechanism concern more often than not occurs when the previous Microsoft Office workings are damaged. To rectify the thorough fault, I recommend that you yourself fit the update.
For your easiness, I have scheduled the steps below:
1. Please download the update to the desktop.
2. Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB905756)
3. Double click the downloaded update to install them 
• Note: make sure your Office 2003 CD accessible as you can be incited to  place  it in the CD drive . After concluding the above steps, please attempt to admission the Microsoft Update site once more to observe whether you have productively installed the update.
Thanks and regards.
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Error 25090 when opening Microsoft office


When you try to start MS Office 2003 or MS office 2007 program you will get this error message due to the following reasons.

  • Two users have installed MS Office in the same computer.
  • Both installations were completed to set the installation for the installing user accounts only. You have set it as  AllUsers=”” .
  • When both users were prompted to remove files that were copied  locally, at the end of the installation, both users have not removed those files.
  • One of the two users has removed MS Office.

To solve this problem start the set up program for Office and follow the following steps.

  1. Insert the MS Office CD to the CD drive.
  2. Let the setup to start automatically. If not locate the setup.exe and start it.
  3.  After the setup window appears cancel it, and respond to the prompts to exit MS Office setup.
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Error 25090 when opening Microsoft office

It seems virus attacked your system.Please follow the below procedure:
-> If you don't have any antivirus download a latest copy of antivirus and install it in your system.
->After installing antivirus open its control panel and start scanning your whole computer.
->If virus found clean it from your system.
Then go to control panel->add/remove programs->uninstall the MS Office.Then perform the below instructions: 
-> Insert a fresh copy of MS Office 2003 in your PC..
-> If the Setup program does not start automatically ,Go to DVD/CD drive, locate the Setup.exe file on the CD/DVD, and then double-click the file to start Setup.
-> After the Setup window appears, cancel Setup process and then respond positive to the prompts to exit Setup.

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