Error 1803 Failed to Create Database

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I am trying to create a new database and start the Upsizing Wizard as I need to upsize my database to SQL Server 2005.  

But a Server Error 1803: CREATE DATABASE failed. Primary file must be at least 3MB to accommodate a copy of the model database. appeared on doing it.

What is the cause of this and how to resolve this?

The error message is shown below.

Any help will do.


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Error 1803 Failed to Create Database


Hi Jacob Ethan,

The server error 1803 is coming up when we create a database and there is not enough space on the database. What you may try to do is to create the database on a different disk or delete some files to free the disk space.

If you are getting the error on the tempdb database, make sure to transfer the tempdb database on a device with large enough disk space to occupy the server. SQL will not start so you may need to start using –f minimum option configuration to try to free some space on the disk.


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Error 1803 Failed to Create Database


Hello Jacob,

SQL server error 1803 is actually a space error. You have to have some more space than 3MB to create new database. You can export some database from the model and can free up some space.

Also you can shrink the database, it will also help to freed up some space. Sometimes because of temp file it shows some problem to create database. You can check about the space by this script, “SELECT name, size/128.0 – CAST (FILEPROPERTY (name, 'SpaceUsed') AS int)/128.0 AS AvailableSpaceInMB
FROM sys.database_files;”( without quotes.)

Thank you,

Riley Weaver.

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