Loading Average of my website using MySQL Server

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My website is very slow and my hosting company made a report of my present loading average. The value is 2.39. Is that high or just normal? What is the capacity of MySQL server? And what average do I need to attain to make my site run faster? 

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Loading Average of my website using MySQL Server


It's slow a bit. What are you talking about the capacity? If you are talking about the database capacity of data that MySQL can hold, MySQL server can hold 50 million records, can contain 200,000 tables. Maybe your records are not holding that kind of data. So if you are worrying about loading the page because data in your database, MySQL can handle it faster. According to the Internet research, your page average load must be 20. seconds.  

Here are the tips for you to have a faster website loading.

  1. Use CCS instead of using html tags. Using external CSS that format the page is easy to read, than to use HTML tags which read line by line.
  2. Use external scripts, than adding all the code to every page that needs your script.
  3. Include only important and replace things that you know are not important, that contribute to lower your website loading.
  4. Keep your code clear and clean.

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