Eksplorasi.exe keeps on popping up!

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I have another problem, every time my desktop loads and all the icons are starting to appear, all the processes in the system tray are loading. There is always a pop up message that says about “eksplorasi.exe” and “Global.exe”.

You think it’s a virus again?

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Eksplorasi.exe keeps on popping up!



“eksplorasi.exe” are very common errors in all versions of windows operating system. You are getting that pop up because of software conflicts. Another reason why you are getting that “eksplorasi.exe” error pop up is because of installing some antivirus software. And if your computer has waited for too long to launch an application, you may get that pop up error again.

You can fix it if you have professional registry cleaning tools. It helps you clean up invalid files and applications which is related to eksplorasi.exe pop up. It will help you run your computer smoothly. I hope it helps


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Eksplorasi.exe keeps on popping up!


Hi there,

Your computer is affected by virus. 

Very sad to say that Huge loads of Malwares and or Viruses are Playing with your system. You must be very careful while using External devices to install Softwares and other stuffs and also while using Network.
Its really horrible and tough to fight with viruses and only a PC expert geek could do remove some of the common viruses. 
Better install a good Antivirus and or Internet security. 
I personally Recommends kaspersky Internet Security 2012. It works great. It catches almost all the viruses and also very smooth to operate. What problem kaspersky has till its 2011 versions was slow updates. Now they have solved the problem.
Go try download the trial version and try it for 30 days and if and only if you liked then buy the license for 1 year.
Good Luck.

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