Eclipse Kepler – Unhandled event loop execution

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Hello friends,

I got this error message, trying to find a solution in the internet but not able to find. I have attached the error please do check and help me to sort the problem. The error message says that ‘see the log files’, but where I can find the log files. Please help. Thanks.

An SWT error has occurred.

You are recommended to exit the workbench..

Subsequent errors may happen and may terminate the workbench without warning.

See the log file for more details.

Do you want to exit the workbench?

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Eclipse Kepler – Unhandled event loop execution


This error is really confusing and doesn’t only happen on Eclipse Kepler but with older versions as well. Some users got stuck on using Eclipse 3.8 just to avoid having this error. But fortunately, there is a workaround to this issue. You just need to change your Java editor to WindowBuilder. You can download WindowBuilder from WindowBuilder Pro Eclipse Update Site.

The page doesn’t actually provide the download file but will instruct you how to install it on your Eclipse. Just follow the instructions to install WindowBuilder. Once it is installed in your Eclipse, start Eclipse then go to Windows, Preferences, and then File Associations. Select WindowBuilder Editor as the default Java editor.

Another possible cause is related to your hardware or specifically your graphics adapter. If you have ATI, try turning off HydraVision or if you have nView, try turning off Desktop Manager. You can also kill “HydraDM.exe” in the Windows Task Manager. It helps if you are running dual monitors.

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