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I wanted to convert a mpeg video file to a format that could be used in my iPhone 4. I used the software DVDVideoSoft to convert it but something went wrong. The software compresses the video to the point that everything looks really small. I tried converting it to flash but the video is stretched to 4:6 and I want it to have widescreen. Another thing also, when I try to import it to iPhone, it failed. I have tried fixing the problem myself by uninstalling it. I removed everything and then downloaded it again from the website. I reinstalled it to my computer but the problem still persists. Any idea how am I going to fix this?

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I just read your problem,It's really a different problem.Mainly it occurs when a programmeing system has been cruppeted or damage.But in this case,you say;you have been uninstall your DVDvideoSoft converter,and then download it,but there have still problem.
well in this case,There have a problem in your downloading site,so please uninstall that again and download your DVDvideoSoft form a another download site.and then try to convart.I hope you will be able to solve your current problem.
If its not work then try to found your security issu,coz only microsoft security system can create this issu..

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This will be definitely worked. At the start of your 'Camera Roll' there is 2 files that are grey. There is a file name "One movie" &   a another file. Get rid of the both of them by deleting and you wont have that annoying 'This Movie Format is not Supported' message & also the video will be appeared in full screen option.

IPhone only support .mp4, 3gp, mov and m4v video files. So, convert your video file into mp4 or 3gp or mov or m4v. Go to this link- and download the best iPhone video converter to enjoy movie or video clips.


Edward Santoso