My AppStore won’t let me download any apps

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Hi friends,

This morning when I woke up, I got a weird problem. My AppStore would not let me download any apps, so then I tried to reboot my iPhone.

I cannot log in right, but then it just disappears whenever I try to download and goes back to the main screen. I tried deleting one of my apps and re download it, but that didn't fix the problem.

Can I still call Apple, even though it is out of warranty?

This, I am not sure. If someone can help me resolve this problem, I would be very thankful.

Thank you in advance.

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My AppStore won’t let me download any apps


Hi Kenneth, yes you can call Apple support even though your iPhone is out of warranty. They are responsible for any problem connected to their products. They are also the ones, that can probably answer any of their product errors. But of course, the only thing that they can help you is by answering your queries and not offering warranty services.

What type of account are you using right now? Is it a Free Account? Try to log on to your iTunes account and update everything. There might be a security check, that should be made before any further downloading activity.

You might also want to try to reset your iPhone, to make things go back to factory settings. This will be your last choice and I'm sure it will work.

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My AppStore won’t let me download any apps


Hi Kenneth,

I have also experienced that problem with my iPhone. Here are possible solutions:

1. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. When my apps failed to download before, it was because my internet service provider was extremely slow. Your apps will not download if you have a less than optimal connection. Have you noticed any speed problems lately?

How many bars of WiFi is shown in the top left screen on your phone? 

speed test

This is an example of a strong internet connection.

2. Another problem could be your software. Like all operating systems, your OS could have bugs or glitches as well. Have you updated to the latest version? You can easily check this on Settings > General > Software Update

3. If the problem still persists, perhaps you can try downloading the apps on your computer and syncing through iTunes instead. It also helps because syncing can include a backup of your app data in case of loss.

4. Do you have any other iOS devices like the iTouch or iPad? If you have trouble downloading on other devices as well, the problem is most likely your internet connection. Go on to check your speed. If your other devices are able to download apps from the appstore, then it is most likely a hardware/software problem on your iPhone, instead of a connection problem.

5. You can also try a hard reset on your iPhone. Hold down the home button and the lock button simultaneously until the screen turns black and the apple symbol comes back on. This "cleans up" your iPhone in some way and could be likened to a computer restart. 

6. Have you tried updating your current apps? If they update, then it is not an internet problem.

7. As with most problems, sometimes you have to narrow down and tick off a lot of problems before coming to a solution. If all else fails, CALL APPLE. If this is a software/hardware problem, they are obligated to resolve it even if your warranty has expired.

Hope this helps. 


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