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I am trying to rip a movie to avoid ruining the original copy because of watching it over and over again.

After the movie was ripped, I tried to use DVD Shrink to save the movie on a disk which I can use to frequently view the movie.

But I am unable to use the program because I am having some problems with it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


DVD Shrink 3.2     
DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.     
Programming error - exception occurred   

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What is the software you are using for the RIP and Shrink? I assume you do not have premium software that shall not have such problem. However the error is somehow resolved if you turn into a new Software for the Rip and Shrink functions. A programming error occurs when all the exceptions are not caught in a proper manner. Moreover launching a programming without proper testing is not at all a good software product. the main thing lies is that you have to us a different software for the given file type in order to Shrink it to a disk.


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This problem is varies according to many factors including your DVD's type.

Anyway, here I mention one solution that might help you with this particular problem:

1. The program you use does not shrink all DVDs depending on types of DVDs, including its EAN code.

2. Maybe you should try DVDFabHD Decrypter. Yes, it does not bring you any cost. It usually works with standard DVDs.

There you go, please try this solution. If problem still persists, come back again.

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Regarding on this issue Techyv has another post which one will be also helpful for you.

Visit this link : DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Programming

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Like what the error says, “Programming error – exception occurred”, it is a programming error which probably means it is a bug in the application. If it is a bug, there’s nothing you can do about it unless you report it to the developer and they release a new version that fixes the bug you found. But unfortunately, in May 2005, the development on DVDShrink was discontinued.

The last and final version is DVDShrink I tried downloading it from its official website but I’m not sure why, my ESET NOD32 antivirus is blocking the links from the website and I cannot download the program. I’m not sure if version 3.2 is different from version since I cannot access the site very well. If the one you are using is a slightly lower version, download the latest and very last version from DVDShrink on FileHippo.

Once downloaded, navigate to the download folder then run the installer to upgrade your current version to the latest.

Sharath Reddy