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By way of our connect data card, we are capable of surfing the internet but incapable of duplicating Lotus Notes Version R 7.0.1. on Windows Vista 32.
Could you please help us? Many thanks to you and your cooperation.


IBM Lotus Notes

Network Operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time;
please retry

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If you are using a 3G or 4G mobile broadband USB modem stick, maybe this is the reason why the task that you are doing suddenly stop with an error message. Maybe the work that you are doing is taking too long to finish and because of the amount of time the process consumed, it resulted to an operation time out and that ended the whole operation. To avoid this problem from happening again, try connecting your computer to a cable internet for a much faster connection. If this is not possible, try doing your work some other time or during off-peak hours. It’s also possible that you perform the task during peak hours that’s why you get a slow connection because of the congestion in the network traffic.

And also, if you are using a 3G or 4G mobile broadband USB modem stick, you should also check the amount of signal that your USB stick receives on your current location. Having a low signal reception is also another reason for having a very poor connection. You should transfer to a different location that has a good signal reception. And also, you should use 3G or 4G network only and not GPRS.

Sharath Reddy