Transferring data from Lotus notes email to a document in open office

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I’m in the process of transferring data from Lotus notes email to a document in open office. The basic purpose behind this is to enable the users to save the emails related to a specific project in their respective project folders.

By doing so, people will be able to see all email conversations pertaining to a specific project at a single place. I’m presently using OLE to save files in Microsoft word, and word pro.

But for this I can’t find any support.

Please give your suggestions about what would be the best thing for me to do?

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Transferring data from Lotus notes email to a document in open office



Calvin Hoffman

Nice Day!

I think you are using Windows automated to manipulate lotus to save word document.

Write those codes in Lotus Notes Database. By entering those codes you can create a word document, WordPro document, and open office document depending on which one the user has installed on their machine.


Function createApp (AppName As String) As variant

‘ Try to launch the word processor application ‘AppName’  – in a separate function
‘ called from StartWP
   Set CreateApp  = Nothing
   On Error Resume Next
    Set createApp  = Createobject(AppName)
End Function

AppName for MS Word is now: Word. Application.

AppName for Word Pro is :  WordPro. Application.

By using this function, you can write lines to the object, save it and close the application.

You could automate OOo to open those word documents.

For OOo, use :

Where appName for OOo is ServiceManager

If you have the service Manager Object, you will able to get the Desktop object like this.

oDesktop = oServiceManager.createinstance

By using the Desktop object you can load any existing document or create a new document.

To See Details about the article about Load Component From The URL. Forum :: Open and Create documents, various prog. languages

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