Is Dreamweaver very popular software in web design?

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Is Dreamweaver well known software?

I don’t know whether there is any company standard that could be followed to build the page.

There is FrontPage in Microsoft as far as I am concerned but having Dreamweaver my assumption was to utilize that as soon as somebody have done something very well with it.

I know it is difficult but I wish I could learn it ever.

What do you suggest for this?

Thank you

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Is Dreamweaver very popular software in web design?


Dear Alicekdailey, I have read your query.

Well in my view, Adobe Dreamweaver is a good choice for coding. The best thing about Dreamweaver is adobe forums support, which is worth spending money on this. With the latest version you can make and edit HTML webpages and mobile applications.

It comes with an integrated browser for the preview of code. To enhance functionality of Dreamweaver you can use various Third Party Extensions such as jQuery (a fast and comprehensive java script library to simplify HTML documents) and jQuery Modle (same as jQuery but for the purpose of building Mobile Apps). Just like other editors, coding is done locally and then uploaded to the remote web servers by FTP.

There is support for over 20 programming languages including industry leading programming languages and platforms such as Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Java Script, CSS, XML, WML and Visual Basic.

I hope it helped.

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Is Dreamweaver very popular software in web design?


In the world of web designing, Dreamweaver is a good an popular learning tool but the problem that arises in the long run is that because many codes are already written for you.

You wont practice much in developing codes and hence you will never transform into an intelligent developer. Developers must learn independent coding in order to make their mark in the world of web site designing.

If you want to learn to design websites, learn HTML and CSS first and then take the next step towards PHP. 

You will have an enriched mind with deep understandings about web designing if you use these steps.

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