Levels of languages and its importance in creating programs

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What is a high level language? What is the difference between high and low level languages? What is a query? What do you mean by expert systems and artificial intelligence? What is Turing test? How does it work? Is there any machine that passed this test? What are databases? What is the hierarchy of data? I am quite confused, which one is bigger file or record? What is the proper word to use if am going to pull up your file or record? What is a 3GL Code? Can you help me with this?

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Levels of languages and its importance in creating programs


Hello Christine!

A High-Level language can run on many different types of computers and the commands and commands are close to human languages.

Differences between High and Low-Level languages.

1.  High – Level languages uses same-human commands or codes.

2.  Low – Level Languages uses machine-based languages that only programmers can understand or sometimes will not be able to understand.

3.  High – Level Languages are bigger in memory than Low-Level Languages.

4.  Low-Level Languages are commonly used in older computers, main frames.

5.  High-Level Languages uses compiler that will convert the commands or codes to machine readable commands.

6.  Low-Level languages directly access computers processes.

Turing Test is solely designed by Alan Turing. This is to test to subjects at the same time. The judge or proctor can only communicate to the subjects by machine and placing in questions. The human subject will always answer for the better human intelligence. The computer subject will only answer by computer’s artificial intelligence. So far none of the famous or known machines passed this test.

Databases are collection of related data and or information. Hierarchy of data stipulates from the smallest field, record, table, and database. File is bigger than Record. It consists of multiple records. The proper term to use is I will pull up your record.

3GL Code is used to create program in Third-Generation Languages. This is so often called as source code that will be translated to machine codes in the process.


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