Downgrade Office 2007 to Office 2003

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I have an old a desktop with Intel Pentium 4 ( not core duo or core 2 duo just plain old Pentium 4 ) with 1GB of RAM installed and 80GB HDD placed inside of it. I installed Windows XP Pro 32 bit with Microsoft Office 2003 but several days ago I tried installing Office 2007 trial by choosing upgrading options from Office 2003. 

The installation works fine without any problems whatsoever. Unfortunately,I found out after installation that my desktop runs very slow every time i tried to open Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 manage to migrate the Outlook settings from the 2003 version but it's very slow. I tried to access inbox, sent items and it takes several minutes to actually open the folder.

Yesterday I decided to downgrade to Office 2003. I installed Office 2003 first then I tried to open Outlook 2003 when it gives me error 'Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Mapi32.dll is corrupt or the wrong version.'

So I tried removing the Office 2007 after that and restarting the desktop but the error message still exists. I tried to repair the installation of Office 2003 since I thought there probably some error in it, but it still gives me the same error message.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?



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Downgrade Office 2007 to Office 2003


Hi there, Mikki here

Your problem was probably caused by switching between different versions of Microsoft Office, I have a trick you can use to try and fix that problem, here's how you do it.

  1. First open Windows Explorer and go to C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSMAPI1033 and find Mapi32.dll
  2. After finding the file, right click and rename it to something like Mapi32.corrupt.
  3. After doing so go to Start then Control Panel then go to Add/Remove Programs, find your installation of Microsoft Office 2003.
  4. Do a Detect/Repair on your installation of Microsoft Office 2003.

I hope this helps you solve your problem.

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Downgrade Office 2007 to Office 2003


Hay Jeff, Well first to inform you that u cannot downgrade your office from some upper version to a previous one.

To accomplish this task first you need to uninstall your existing Office software from your control panel, Add or Remove Programs, udders change or remove programs go to Microsoft Office (all the components you want to downgrade) and then choose among change or remove the tab.

After doing that you should once restart your computer and insert genuine Microsoft Office 2003 CD in your CD Drive and again run installer. Hope this will resolve your problem.

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