What could be wrong in HTML signature in MS outlook 2007?

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I have been using an HTML signature file containing a couple of images that I use for my outgoing e-mails. Whenever I use it with Microsoft Outlook 2005, the images are automatically embedded on the email and the recipients of my email could see them.

The problem is that, the same signature stopped working when I upgraded into Microsoft Outlook 2007. When I tried using it, I just kept getting a prompt message linking to drive C: and the images in my HTML signature are not embedded anymore. As a result, the recipients of my email could not see them.

I already tried creating the signature manually and it seemed to work in HTML but the code it generates is not exactly what I could call HTML. I just don’t understand how come the signature file worked on Microsoft Outlook 2005 and not on Microsoft Outlook 2007. And although creating the signature manually worked, it does not seem to be a good option since we are operating on a centralized system.

I am hoping you’ll be able to help me find a solution. Thank you. 

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What could be wrong in HTML signature in MS outlook 2007?


Hallo Kristoffer,

I think that when you upgraded from Microsoft outlook 2005 to Microsoft outlook 2007, the changes that you had made to ms outlook 2005 and the html module that you had added that enabled you to send the signature to the recipients was removed, and therefore you will have to configure ms outlook from the beginning as you had done for outlook 2005..

Or maybe the module for the same function could be different in ms outlook 2007 and that is why the one for outlook 2005 seems not to work well with it.


Lee Hung

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What could be wrong in HTML signature in MS outlook 2007?



  • Actually you have Can find your signatures and start working with it. Follow these steps.
  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Mail format -> Signatures.
  • Now enter the signature name you want to add.
  • Now go to windows search option and search for all signatures. 
  • You can also start from any of the names you know from your old signature. If you have not deleted any files.
  • Once files are found, you can copy paste it into your signature.
  • If incase you are unable to find your old signatures, then see your sent email there will a signature file at the end of each file. You can also copy from there.

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