Doesn’t get powered up after a system’s maintenance

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I did a system maintenance on one of my pcs and now they don't even boot up. I can't see the power up light even.

I checked all the power units they are fine though.

Why does this happen?

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Doesn’t get powered up after a system’s maintenance


There are a lot of reasons why a computer may not boot up or power on. Of course, we will first need to check all the possible hardware parts that might be causing these issues before we start looking at other directions. Did you hear anything like beeping sounds when you tried to power on the computer?

You mentioned that you don’t even see the power light lit up. When you did system maintenance, can you describe exactly what was done?

If you had to unplug several hardware parts in doing the system maintenance to clean your computer, it is possible that you may have to check all the cables and make sure that they are plug in correctly to their respective ports. Sometimes, the power cord may have not been plugged in properly thus the computer was not able to power up at all. That is just the basic troubleshooting step and one way to isolate the issue.

If there is a beeping sound, can you tell us how many beeps were heard or if they are short staccato beeps or long ones?

Please send us the complete description of the problem so that we may continue with the rest of the troubleshooting steps to diagnose the issue further.

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