How to improve speed running on Vista?

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My vista home premium has a memory of x4 9650 2.3 GHz a Vega 9500gt, and 8 GB of ram.

When I am using it,it’s very slow specially in games and daily use.

Which upgrade can I do to improve its speed? Or is there something wrong from Its OS?

Techy people comment here…

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How to improve speed running on Vista?


You already have a big RAM installed on your computer. Considering the 8 GB RAM installed, this is already a plus factor on your system and supposedly will help improve the computer’s performance. But if this did not helped and your system is extremely slow, maybe you are not maintaining your computer properly. Maybe you have too many applications in your Startup that loads automatically and eats great portion of the physical RAM. Try removing some items in your Startup that you don’t need to lessen the memory load of your computer and decreasing its booting time.

You can access the Startup by:
Click Start.
Click Run. Type msconfig and then hit Enter.
Click Startup tab. Uncheck all the items that you don’t need and then click Apply then OK.
Restart your computer if the task requires you to restart the system.

Defrag your hard drive regularly to improve the data access on your computer. Run a Disk Cleanup on your hard drive to remove all the unwanted files and temporary files in your computer. This occupies both RAM and drive’s space. Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your computer. You may not know unless you found one. Don’t be so confident on your system. Every computer is vulnerable to viruses even if you have an antivirus running in the background.

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How to improve speed running on Vista?


You can perform both software and hardware upgrade.

Improve your processor to the 2nd Generation of processors like i3, i5, i7
Increase your  Video Card to about 2 GB

Buy a new operating system probably Windows 7 Ultimate version. To maximize all of the hardware installed in your computer. Vista doesn't support this kind of thing and also it is very slow on cooperating with hardware. Update your Windows 7 always to bring out the full potential of your computer.
You computer might be virus infected as well so reformatting will remove the problem of yours but I think the solution above is more recommendable.

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How to improve speed running on Vista?


Hallo Winston,

Windows vista is not a bad operating system but for the little time that I used it a while back, I just did not find any fun in using it. It seems to have a lot bugs in it, it needs that you install other drivers and software to improve its performance and therefore I find using it to be a little absurd.

But all those problems have been fixed in windows 7. Windows 7 does not have many bugs, seldom will you find it freezing seamlessly and it has a very nice display resolution which is suitable for gaming. It does not need that you install many drivers but just a few nor other third party software to improve its performance.

So what I am basically saying is that you might consider switching to windows 7 if you want to get the best functionality.


Mahesh Babu

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