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Does XAMPP works with Windows XP SP2? If not, how to solve this problem? Please help me. Thanks! 

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Yes,  XAMPP is support in windows XP service pack 2.

  • Everybody can practice or test PHP, mySQL by using XAMPP software.
  • You need to install in  your PC first to use it. Here following the install process of XAMPP.
  • At first download the latest version or XAMPP software.
  • After download complete, let run the installer file. Then install it by click next .
  • After complete installation, XAMPP program option will appear in your program list. Let you will open  it by click on start button and then choose XAMPP in program list then select XAMPP Control Panel.
  • You should start Apache and MySQL by clicking on the "Start" buttons next to every item. If you need you should unblock firewall.
  • Then visit http://localhost/ by your computer browser.

If you want to test any PHP result then just put that file in you XAMPP www directory and then open  it your  browser by use proper localhost directory.


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I googling & found this : 

All I did is, I installed the package from and restarted xampp, now its works fine. It seems VC9 was missing. I downloaded vcredist_x86.exe and installed it. Its working great.