Is it required to use IBM Thinkpad Recovery disk to restore it?

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Hi dears,

In general, I am using windows XP and having an issue with my personal computer. The problem for me is that I have been willing to restore an IBM Thinkpad for a 97 year old war-vet two, for that I must have to install an English version of windows XP Professional, and the genuine was in French language, but after installing window XP Professional I came to know that I was not able to install the drivers for my LAN, Wireless,graphic card etc.

For that I spent almost three days online (looking for drivers), and finally found them on the IBM site. But I don't know why they would not work for me, after researching a lot I became aware of that the IBM has its own setup so that someone has to get a recovery-set disks from their online stores etc. To get the related device (Thinkpad) to work fine.  My model is an IBM Thinkpad and its Type is=1836QNF_model L3-LL481, actually it is a series probably R51 and the Recovery CD set is 26R7894. 

I can download these all disks easily, but I would not find them… To fix this problem, I firstly called the IBM customer service center; they just gave me a number where I can order them (on Monday etc).  I  really do not mind even a bit for paying them but I would most like to get them very much quicker.

So, from my side it is clarified that I have tried my best but it’s probably my bad luck or lack of knowledge that I have not been successful to solve this issue. That’s why I am desperate to know the solution for this, from you guys under this excellent platform.

My question is: does this (restoring an IBM Thinkpad) really have to be done using recovery disks?  I find it hard to believe that there isn't some way to install the drivers, especially when they are readily available on the IBM website for download.

Any useful suggestion would be thankfully accepted by me.

Waiting for your master tips.


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Is it required to use IBM Thinkpad Recovery disk to restore it?


IBM Thinkpad Drivers and Operating System in French Language.

That’s the big problem I also encountered with IBM, it is really hard to find drivers on their support page. I found some page with IBM computers driver but they are selling it. Drivers should be available on the Internet for the support; because anytime a computer crushed we need it. Maybe since the IBM includes their driver on the recovery disk or hard drive they don’t intend to upload it on the internet for the reason it was already included on the recovery disk. They don’t think that someday the computer they sold might upgrade to a higher version of the operating system or migrate to another operating system.

However we have two options to get all the drivers needed for your IBM Thinkpad. Our first option is to install everything that is in the recovery disk and the second option is to download the driver from the internet without bothering the IBM support page.

How do I get the drivers from the recovery disk?

Use your recovery disk in-hand, or the recovery disk installed on the second partition on your hard disk. Please refer to your manual on how to install/recover your operating system using the recovery disk. Install it as you are installing a clear operating system. After installation has been done, download a driver backup tool from the internet.

You can find one so easy using the Google Search. After downloading, install it into your laptop. Some driver backup tool can be run through the USB Drive, or what I mean is you can run it without installing the tool. And then, after the installation, follow the instructions of your downloaded software the procedure on how to back-up your drivers. Drivers backed-up will be copied into a folder or drive you have assigned during the driver backup wizard. Copy the back-up driver into your USB Drive, make 2 copies in separate USB drive if possible to avoid repeating the process from the beginning if an error was encountered.

Now, install a clean English Version of your operating system, and when the computer ask you for the drivers just plug-in your USB drive into your computer’s USB port then find for the driver. Just follow the wizard instruction for the completion of the installation.

Download IBM Driver from the Internet without bothering IBM Web Support

Searching for the driver using the IBM model of laptop or computer doesn’t solve the problem. Sometime yes but more often it can’t be solved. First, you must search for the hardware profiling tools on the internet. CPUID is the best tool for this hardware profiling job. CPUID developed a tool called the PC-Wizard. A PC-Wizard is a tool for benchmarking and profiling your hardware components. By this tool you can directly find the exact manufacturer and the model of your motherboard. Your motherboard’s profile or ID or the main board exact descriptions will be your token looking for your drivers on the inter. CPUID is the expert tool for this. If it is possible to print the result of your computer hardware profile for your reference.

PC wizard

After you’ve got all the information from your laptop look for the driver on the internet, exactly what the CPUID shows to you. Even if the IBM website doesn’t exist, you may find drivers from other sites. Most probably if you found the exact driver for your motherboard, all drivers like LAN, Audio, Video and others are also found in the package.

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Is it required to use IBM Thinkpad Recovery disk to restore it?

  • First I want to insure that If you have some legal device then there must be the drivers available. Because the company who manufacture the cards contains also the driver. And they are easily available on that company's website. Now in your case the problem is that it looks like that you have a special version of the language using but you can still install the original English language drivers because drivers are only the way to tell the computer how to operate these devices and they have no relation with language. However a window of different language may cause some problem.
  • Recovery disk is only used when you have some specific type of data and you want to recover that data but in this case it looks like you need just new drivers so the possible solution is that install a driver installer, this program helps to locate the specific driver and then install it from Website's. One of these programs is available on this website. It will help you to find your drivers and then install it on your disk. It will also configure all the updates in your drivers and make your PC error free from drivers errors.

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