Download error while trying to download Antivirus

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I have a virus attack on my computer.

I wanted to download an Antivirus but I cannot do it because, when I try to download the Antivirus,

I get an error message that says, "download error".

So what can I do?

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Download error while trying to download Antivirus


Hi Khaled,

If your computer has been infected by a virus, you have to get rid of the virus first, before installing permanent Antivirus software. Most of the viruses nowadays, prevent the installation of Antivirus software and some even prevent you from connecting to the internet.

Below are some useful methods that you may use starting from the easiest.

A. Try to clear the cache and disable all the add-on's on your internet browser.

For Internet Explorer

1. Go to Tools > General > Delete Browsing History > place a check on each item > select Delete.
2. Go to the Programs tab > Manage Add-on's > then select all Add-on's and click Disable.
3. Go to the Advanced tab > select Reset for the Reset Internet Explorer settings.

For Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to Tools > Clear Recent History > select Everything > OK.
2. Go to Tools > Add-on's > select all plug-in's, scripts or Add-on's > click Disable.

Restart your PC and try to download the Antivirus.

B. If you can connect to the internet, then you may try to do an online scan. Below are some links which you may try. Most of these run on your browser, so you don’t need to download them anymore.

Trend Micro




Bit Defender


Panda Security

After the scan, this should detect the virus and clean it. Restart your PC and check if the virus is still there.

If that didn't work, try to boot your PC in Safe Mode. Restart your PC then press F8 continuously, and then select Safe Mode with Networking. This will disable some functionality of the virus but you can still browse the Internet and run an online virus scan.

C. If you cannot connect to the internet, you may try to download an Antivirus using other PCs and transfer it via a portable device such as USB or external hard drive. Install the Antivirus and run a full scan on your computer.

D. If possible, try to do a System Restore. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Select, ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’. Select a restore point then click Next. This will restore your PC to a previous restore point, to the day when you think the virus was not present.

E. If scanning using an Antivirus didn’t work, then you has to remove the virus manually, which is more complicated or worse case, you have to reformat your hard drive. So it’s highly recommended, to backup your files always or to partition your drive (an example is having the OS on Drive C and all the important files in Drive D).

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Download error while trying to download Antivirus


Because of the following reasons you may not be able to download Antivirus Software.

  • Firewall restrictions.

Disable your Windows Firewall & tries to install the virus guard & enable it after the installation.

  • Your system recourses may not be compatible with the virus guard.

Check the required system resources of the virus guard, which you are trying to install. If these are not compatible, then try to upgrade the system requirement if possible or try to download software which is compatible with your system requirements.

  • Registry Errors

Since you are a victim of virus attack, this is a very possible reason. If it is so you may use a 3rd party application such as “Window Registry Repair” to repair your registry.

  • Effect of the previously installed virus guard.

Uninstall all the previously installed virus guards prior to the installation of a new one.

I think above tips help to resolve your problem

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Download error while trying to download Antivirus



I can help you remove the infections from your computer and install an Antivirus program onto your computer. Please follow these steps.

Since your computer is affected by a virus, you will have issues downloading an Antivirus program.

If you tried downloading it with Internet Explorer, I suggest you to try with any other browser.

If this does not work, try resetting the internet settings on your computer.

You can also restore your computer to a previous setting and try downloading the application again.

Just in case if any of the above steps do not help you, restart the computer in Safe Mode with Networking and download the file. The file should get downloaded onto your computer.

Once you install the Antivirus program, update it to the latest definition and perform a full system scan to get rid of viruses.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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Download error while trying to download Antivirus



If you are sure that the virus attacked your computer, there is a strong possibility that it is preventing it to download an antivirus. The procedures that are most effective are:

1.  Use another computer to download a RESCUE CD or RESCUE USB FLASK DISK software. Most antivirus programs offer the RESCUE CD / RESCUE USB FLASK DISK for free.

2.  Follow the instructions on how to burn the file or install it to USB FLASK DISK. Insert the RESCUE CD / RESCUE USB FLASK DISK to the computer.

3.  Start your computer. Immediately enter SETUP / BIOS SETUP (this will show on the startup screen for 5 seconds before the Windows logo appear) and set the first boot device to USB legacy drive or the DVD drive

NOTE: Skip step 3 if your first boot device is DVD drive or USB legacy drive.

4.  Execute the RESCUE CD / RESCUE USB FLASK DISK and start the on-demand computer scan. A virus or any unwanted programs cannot run processes during the on-demand computer scan.

5.  If no virus is found, install a PC TUNEUP software. (You can download it using another computer). The PC TUNEUP software repairs most of the errors of your computer including registry, internet connection, broken files, fragmented files, hard disk errors, and other related issues.

6.  I recommend AVG RESCUE CD, and AVG products.



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Download error while trying to download Antivirus




1. Go to

2. Click for free Avira Antivirus software.

3. Click on download for free Avira Antivirus.

4. When downloading press F-5/ right button and refresh more and more.

5. After download completed, install it and update and scan for Antivirals.


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Download error while trying to download Antivirus



I think that you can fix that problem by disabling Windows Firewall. Probably Windows Firewall disabling your downloading of Anti-virus.Go to START > SEARCH > INSERT WINDOWS FIREWALL  IN SEARCH > OPEN FIREWALL > DISABLE FIREWALL IN SETTINGS. That will help you with your problem.

After you finish with downloading Antivirus turn on again Firewall.

Good Bye

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