The distribution of Cloud Computing and its service

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Most organizations now have already moved to cloud computing. But most organizations are complaining about the result of the distribution of cloud computing and its service being consolidated with the remote location. Why do you think they are complaining? Any ideas?

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The distribution of Cloud Computing and its service


Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.It is now all over the world and its widely used.But more than its benefits like cost savings, high availability, scalability.It has many disadvantages they are
In cloud computing,it is getting large amounts of data in and out of the cloud and its  almost impossible no matter how far your network connection is.Still FedEx are in use to transfer files having 3 to 5 TB
The another one is dependency,that is a loss of control and security.
Its availability is less , and physical location of hardware and software is unknown.
Another disadvantage is risk of data loss due to improper backups or system failures in the virtual environment. Also special customization not possible and a chance of hidden cost (e.g. compliance regulations, backup, restore, disaster recovery and problem solving)
So they are complaining and still it continues still they find a new remedy for all these disadvantages of cloud computing

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