Optical Drive stop working after cleaning the CPU

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I have a Desktop computer which has a DVD Drive. There is no problem with the computer performance except the DVD Drive. Few days back I have just removed the computer panel to clean the dust by myself and made sure I never removed or touched any cables or connections. But since form that day I face a problem like the DVD Drive is powered up but it doesn’t work.

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Optical Drive stop working after cleaning the CPU


The problem that you have reported in your computer seems to be similar to the problems that I have faced on my computer few months back. So let me give you the same troubleshooting steps that I have tried where it worked for me. We can narrow down the problem with some few steps and troubleshoot the problem by according to their root cause.

We could expect this problem because of a loose cable since you have reported that after cleaning the internal area. Here I mean by checking the cable is we need to check the Data communication cable runs from CDDVD Drive to the computer Motherboard that may be of SATA or IDE.

Which ever cable just try to check it whether it is fixed firmly. Also make sure the CDDVD Drive power supply cable is also connected properly. Once you confirm with it. Turn On the computer and check if it works.

If still not works. Check out whether the Drive is enabled in BIOS by entering into BIOS Screen. If you find once it is detected no need to enter BIOS Screen. If not detected you need to check whether disabled I BIOS.

If detected then check whether proper drive letter is assigned. Try to insert different disks to play.

Another possibility for this problem could be of Dust in the lens that is housed in the CDDVD Drive which is used to read the data. But I won’t recommend you to do to that extend since that should be done by a technician since a small mistake can broke and make the CDDVD Drive useless.

So just I would remind you the steps to do in short.

  • Check for Physical connections to CDDVD Drive.
  • Check whether the CDDVD Drive is detected in Device manager.
  • IF not Detected Check whether enabled in BIOS. If enabled then the problem may be because of drivers, Try to update driver.
  • If detected in Device manager then check whether the drive letter is properly assigned and then try reading different disk.

If all of this didn’t work then I hope that we may not be able to anything where we need to look for some qualified technician to fix the problem since that may be a Hardware problem.

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Optical Drive stop working after cleaning the CPU



Maybe the IDE cable was loosen. Try to locate the IDE cable inside the CPU. The IDE cable is the fat gray cable. It has three connectors. One of the connectors is attached to the motherboard of the computer, another one is attached to the IDE slot. Attach the remaining end of the IDE cable to the DVD player properly.

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