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What is the difference between a .jad file and a .jar file? Is there a way to convert a .jad file to a .jar file and vice versa? Also can you recommend online programs that I can use in making .jad and .jar files?

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JAD indicates Java Program Details and JAR indicates Java Store. Generally JAD includes some details about quality, installation path, edition, vendor name, etc. Otherwise JAR is the compacted pack or edition or the Java classes and required information, which make the complete application. The real difference between JAD and JAR are element of these types. The JAR contains class information’s and the JAD file contains various kinds of details about that application. JAD file is smaller than a JAR file. The JAD file refers usually where the JAR is located. JAD contains simple description file of the applying and JAR contains all the code of that application.


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  • .jad is the extension for Java Application Description files which include some information about installation path, file size, etc.. Basically JAD file contains elements that describes content of JAR
  • .jar is the extension for Java Archive files which include compressed version of Java classes and images etc. that make up a application. Simply, it contains actual application and necessary resources to run application
  • Yes, a JAR file can be converted to JAD file but JAD file can not be converted to JAR file as JAD file is just the description it cannot converted to a application
  • JAD maker can be used to convert JAR file to JAD file
  • There is no way to create JAR or JAD file online
  • Below is the link of JAD maker