Difference between processors and which one is better?

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There are some technologies available in processors like atom, dual core, corei3, corei5. 

What is the difference in these technologies and what is performance difference and which one is better?

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Difference between processors and which one is better?


There are many processors that you can get out of the market whether you are using it on a brand new desktop computer or a laptop, reassembling from parts to parts or just upgrading your old processor.

There are two popular manufacturers of PC processors one is the Intel and the other is AMD or the Advanced Micro Devices. They both compete with speed and quality. The list that you have stated above are all products of Intel.

The i7 has a CS (clock speed) of 2.0 GHz to 3.20 GHz for laptops, and for desktop a CS of 3.20GHZ to 3.30GHz. The i5 is for desktop computer only with a CS of 2.66 GHz to 3.20 GHz.

The core i3 is a Dual Core with a hyperthreading available in it. It is like having a quad core. A dual core or a core 2 duo?

To sum it up, having a dual, triple or quad etc. Makes your computer processing capability more superb.

This all depends on your mother if it is compatible.

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Difference between processors and which one is better?


There's a lot of processors out there in the market today. Especially those Core i5s of Intel. And the fact that there are only 2 brands of processors competing in the industry, the manufacturers of Intel and AMD. These brands are all good in computing. But there are things that make them differ from each other.

AMD processor is best for gaming and is really recommended if you have a business or want to open a business like internet shops, or cafe. It is already a fact that, especially in offices, that computers should be in an air conditioned room to operate smoothly without having to encounter sudden errors in the running program. But this fact doesn't apply to AMD processors. This processor has a high heat tolerance. Even if you use your computer in a quite humid area, without aircon, just a well-ventilated area, you can still play games without experiencing hanging.

Intel processor is best for applications and also gaming. But has a slightly low heat tolerance. I have an Intel processor in my Dell computer and I've experienced a lot of program slow downs and sometimes hanging when I'm using it during the afternoon. But if I'm using it at night 'till dawn, it runs smoothly. Unlike those computers I've used when I'm in an internet shop. Most of their computers use AMD and they still operate smoothly even if the shop isn't air conditioned.

If you are thinking about upgrading your current processor to the latest models right now, if you don't have any knowledge about removing or installing new processors on your motherboard, much better to contact a technician. You cannot just buy a new model of processor and then install it right away in your board. You must first know what kind of processor is compatible with your board, the numbers of SOCKET, the cache level, its bus speed.

For example, your board has a Socket 478, Level 2 512kb cache and a maximum of 533MHz FSB, you cannot install a processor that is not a Socket 478, you cannot install a processor with a 1M level 2 cache, and you cannot install a processor with 800MHz FSB bus speed. If you buy a processor without knowing first the board's specifications then you will just be wasting your money.

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