Determining IP with same subnet mask

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From the following IPs below, which among them resides in the same subnet mask,, or

Can anyone help?

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Determining IP with same subnet mask


1.  Acquire your own Informatics address as well as subnet mask quantity. Throughout Windows, you are able to try this by getting the Command Prompt utility and operating "ipconfig" or by viewing the particular details of the connectedness with the Network as well as Sharing Middle. With inside MacOrifice X, it is possible to try this simply by simply obtaining the device Preferences menu and also selecting the "Community" choice. 

 2. Convert equally Book of Numbers to binary. Binary is really a numeric group by which just 1 and 0 are utilized. The amount 2 is delineate since "10", 4 will be"100", and so on. For example, 110 refers to 1 4, a single 2, no 1, and hence the genuine quantity delineated through 110 will be 6. The initial eight positions of binary correspond to 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 as well as 1. You will have to convert each and every section of the quantity split up by a period. An IP of192.168.1.100 converts in the subsequent way: 
192 converts to 11000000 (128 + 64) 
168 converts to 10101000 (128 + 32 + 8) 
1 converts to 00000001 
100 converts to 01100100 (64 + 32 + 4) 
Also, type A subnet mask associated with converts to: 

3. Compare the 2 binary Book of Numbers by files. Anywhere equally Book of Numbers are 1, write down type A 1. This is actually the boolean operation "Plus" E.g.: 

The result will be 11000000.10101000.00000001.00000000 

4. Have the second Informatics and subnet mask Numbers. 

5. Convert these to binary. 

6. Execute the actual "And also" assessment with all the second pair associated with Numbers. 

7. Evaluate the 2 results of the AND operations. Should they are usually the same, the two Insolvency practitioners are usually on the same subnet. When they usually are certainly not similar, they are not on the same subnet. For instance, when the second And also outcome has been additionally 11000000.10101000.00000001.00000000, the 2 IPs would be around the same subnet.

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Determining IP with same subnet mask


To know which IP addresses belong to the same subnet mask, you will need to first understand the classed in which the IP addresses are classified. There are three classes, A, B and C. You will find that all the IP addresses in each class will belong to the same subnet mask, and therefore to answer your question above, if all the IP addresses belong to the same class then that means that they will be residing in the same subnet mask.

The most commonly used subnet masks for the three classes which are the default subnet masks are the following:,, for classes A, B, C of the IP addresses respectively.

-Clair Charles


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