Desktop not booting after blowing

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I have opened my Desktop computer(HP Compaq Pro 4300)  for routine cleaning, I was wearing a wrist static band , after the cleaning, I have plugged back the computer but what am getting are just beeps then the computer goes into loop mode of starting and restarting, what could be the problem? The desktop was working well before the cleaning, what are the possible causes of this problem?

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Desktop not booting after blowing





The possible causes for this may be either the hard disk cable connected to the motherboard was connected loosely while re-assembly or the RAM module might have come loose.

  1. Check for loose connection at the hard disk’s end of the cable as well as the motherboard’s end

     2.Take out your RAM modules, blow-dry the sockets and put them back on. Remember to clamp them tight

     3.If your system still refuses to start the battery could have lost its charge. In this case, there is no option but to change the battery on the board


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