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I am using Windows 7 since it was released. Recently after releasing SP1, I installed it. But now I am facing some problems. It is my desktop gadgets have been disappeared and I cannot open the gadget by right clicking the mouse. Is this a problem of Windows 7 SP1 or anything else? I use CPU meter and clock gadgets most and it is painful without these. Can someone please help.

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This may be the problem of windows 7 SP1 but there is nothing in the Microsoft site about that. But if it surely a bug. Please try this to see if anything changes.

Open Run Prompt by pressing Windows Key+R. After the run prompt appeared copy and paste this into it. Don’t type anything or you may skip some letter.

%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe /showGadgets

After entering this press ENTER. The gadget box may open. If the gadget box isn’t open after this then Go to Control Panel. Then search for Program and Features. In the task pane click on Turn Windows Features Turn on or off. It will take some time. Now see there if the Windows Gadget Platform has tick mark or not. If it has no tick mark then mark it. This will make gadgets visible. Now let us know if your problem is solved or not. You can also see this forum for more information.