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Hi everyone,

I have played DeadIsland using my friend computer lot of time and now I want to play it using my computer,

but last night when I try to install the game to my computer,
I cannot run the game, after the game load, it crash with no time.
It show me error windows that tell ""DeadIsland has stopped working.
I don't know why this happen, I have updated the driver for my computer and my antivirus also up to date.  

Error: DeadIsland has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you

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Maybe your dead island installation files are corrupted. This is the most common reason why many application do not work on the other hand windows batch file can be also corrupted that cause the game to stop working. If you are using an illegal version of the game, then there maybe a problem with the installation of using it. Uninstall it an use a legit version. You also have to ensure that your computer meet the minimum requirement to play the game. To know that you can browse via Google. Then you have to ensure that your system is compatible with the game , I mean your OS has to compatible with the game version. You can try re-installing your OS than install the game again   

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To solve or solution to  your problem in your Dead island games is just simply open the dead island file, and then attempt to find the code:deadislandgame.exe, after that you just right-click the properties and then you just simply disable the desktop composition to fix black screen, then maybe there is a file deleted or corrupted from the folder, attempt to uninstall it again, and then try download the Dead island again from a trusted site, after your download, just simply reinstall it again to your PC, and then after install the Dead island simply restart your machine.


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Hi there user:

Locate the Dead Island Folder in your program, and you will find game.ini. You may now locate ‘EN’ because you need to change that letters into lower case ‘en’. Now save it and then close. I’m pretty sure this will work so you can again play it.

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Edmund Joseph