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An error message (the attached one) appears on the new computer bought by my parents. I used PCM over application to transfer all their files and application from the old one to the new HP brand PC. As the HP Support Assistant automatically tried to update itself, the error popped up.

Even if I click ‘ok’ to avoid the issue, the message appears right in the center of the monitor every now and then. I have uninstalled HP Support Assistant going to Control Panel’s ‘Software Utility’ option and rebooted my PC. But this won’t get rid of the error, and it keeps annoying me until now.

result after clicking the TraceBox

more error info box

Then, I made an effort to re-install the HP Support Assistant from scratch rebooting the system. The process came to a halt with an identical error message that appeared previously during the automatic update process.

Seeing that HP Update Application v5.001.000.014 was a precondition, I uninstalled the application with a view to re-installing it.

Once again, the installation process was interrupted by same kind of error. You can check the following screenshot for details. I would appreciate you help as our new brand PC isn’t hundred percent at the moment.

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That seems to be an error with the language settings, or the regional settings that you are using on your PC. If you happened to change them by mistake then you will need to retrieve the initial settings:

  • Go to the control panel, and click on Clock, Language and region option from there.
  • Click on it.
  • In the next window, there will be an option for regional and language and another for date and time settings.
  • Change the regional settings to the current region that you are in, and then change the data and time settings too to the proper times and dates of the region that you are in.
  • Restart the computer when you have finished changing the settings and saved them.

Control panel-Clock- Language and region option

That should help return the computer to its normal state.


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