Cylinder range inconsistent and Partition Table Error #110

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I wanted to place the other 40GB hard disk into my system. After installation when I opened the system and booted it using Partition magic 8.0 the problem struck in which stated, "Cylinder range inconsistent in the hard drive. Do you want Partition Magic to fix it".

By putting my belief on Partition Magic 8.0 I pressed yes. After which I can see my whole data corrupted and an error message pops up saying, "Partition Table Error #110".

I could not fix the problem still. Can anyone help me through this.

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Cylinder range inconsistent and Partition Table Error #110


Hi Edward,

"Partition Table Error 110" means that your Partition Table Number of Sectors is inconsistent. i. e DOS is using another Table Number for sectors and Windows (or any other operating system) is using another Table No. of sectors.

Of course you will encounter Cylinder range inconsistencies as well. Its a pretty serious problem, it can result in total data loss.  However, here is the solution for your problem:

Solution : Using FDISK utility

1. Scan your HDD for viruses, by attaching it to some clean PC.

2. Copy the data from that particular Partition.

3. Use FDISK utility to delete that logical drive. Partition Magic won't help.

4. Create a new Logical Drive and copy your data back.

If your data is irretrievable then simply delete the logical drive and create a new one, because there is no way you can retrieve it back. If somehow its your lucky day, and you are able to copy it, its great.

Alternate Solution:

Sometimes FDISK utility does not show the hidden partitions, so in the worse case, you can use Disk Management tools of your HDD's Vendor, like Seagate DM Tool, Maxtor's DM tools etc.



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