Cyber attack is coming soon

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It is reported that the majority of IT security professionals believe their companies will be the target of cyber attack in the near future.  what measures should be taken by the companies to protect themselves from the cyber attack?

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Cyber attack is coming soon


Cyber attack is a kind of attack by which attacker sends virus, trojan or security intrusion to attack computer. Cyber attack can be protected by various methods.

  1. Always keep your operating system up to date.
  2. Have a good antivirus system installed and keep it active as well as up to date so that if any viral activity is detected it could be stopped immediately.
  3. Always keep your firewall active. Only allow those programs to make changes in your computer through firewall, about which you have knowledge.
  4. Have a good spyware detector installed in your system. It will detect spyware as early as possible so that it do not attacks your computer and do not make loss to your data.
  5. Having a good intrusion detection system also prevents your system from being attacked.
  6. Always keep your login and password encrypted. It will prevent the intruders to get in trouble to decode it.


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